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When subjected to constant of heat of 446 degrees F or above, EPS emits inflammable vapors, which will easily ignite. Melting point is 392 degrees F and Ignition temperature is 662 degrees F. It is not recommended that EPS be used in applications where the temperature could reach above 150 degrees F.

Extreme caution must be used when storing, shaping and applying EPS to ensure total protection from fire.

Fire extinguishers should always be immediately and readily accessible.

Do not smoke or allow open flames where EPS is stored.

In case of fire, evacuate the area of all personnel except those fighting the fire.

When it is necessary to weld in close proximity to EPS materials, use extreme caution. Sparks and especially molten slag can cause the material to ignite. It is recommended that a second person be on hand to watch for any such occurrences.



When subjected to fire, EPS produces carbon monoxide, which is potentially toxic, though the amount is less than that given off by wood. Hydrogen Bromide will also be released from grades that contain Fire Retardaant Additives (FRA).