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Under normal conditions, EPS is chemically stable and biologically inert.

The material is nontoxic. It is flammable and precautions must be taken in storing and using EPS in order to ensure against combustion.

EPS must also be protected from any solvent petroleum based materials, such as gasoline, oil, paint thinners, etc.



EPS must be stored away from any likely cause of ignition or fire hazard

EPS products should be protected from high winds

EPS must be protected from extended exposure to sunlight (over 1 week) to avoid discolorization and surface dusting and erosion



Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a CFC and HCPC free material; It contains no known biological or physiological irritant.



EPS products are non-toxic but are not biodegradable.

Scrap EPS may be returned to our plant for re-cycling and disposal.

Your local authorities should be contacted before using any other methods of disposal.