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"It's What's Inside That Counts"

Because of the importance of precise and consistent "foaming" of a dock float in order to insure long life, every Eagle Float is foamed utilizing state of the art, computer controlled technology. Rather than relying on people to manually control steam valves, constantly monitor pressures and timing, Eagle Floats are foamed using a proprietary technology. Since no such technology existed or is being used elsewhere in the industry, we completely developed the hardware and software to consistently and precisely control our foaming process. The entire foaming process is controlled and monitored by a computer specifically designed for this application. This insures that EVERY Eagle Float is properly foamed and our foam core is as dependable as our polyethylene shell. Just another example of Eagle Floats utilizing cutting edge technology and engineering for superior quality and affordability.

  • Proprietary Control System

  • Steam Chest Foaming

  • Corner Vents Fusing


Unmatched Performance Buoyancy

Every Eagle Float size is tested in certified calibrated equipment. 

Some Competitors' published number have been found to be exaggerated by 20% when tested in certified calibrated equipment. 


Unmatched Performance Shell Impact Strength

Dart Impact Test

(ASTM 1998-06)

Float # Tested # Passed % Passed
Eagle Floats 39 39 100%
Competitor 1 39 11 28%
Competitor 2 39 0 0%
Competitor 3 39 22 73%