Personalized Solutions

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is an excellent packaging solution for many reasons. EPS is very cost effective and possesses consistent quality in size, density and appearance. The foam cushions the product and since it is non-abrasive the finish of the product will not be scratched or damaged. We can custom cut pads to any size and fit the contour of any piece easily. Unlike corrugated products, EPS does not weaken with moisture. This product can be bundled for easy storage, ordered in any quantity and is ideal for high and low quantity users. Products are wrapped, bundled or boxed for protection during shipping. This also provides the customer with easy to stack and handle bundles.

  • Computer Cut

  • Custom Glued

  • Flat Pads


Custom Jobs

Personalized Products

Hendren Plastics, Inc. takes pride in being able to help you with any project whether it is insulation, packaging or flotation. Our computer controlled cutting equipment can cut almost any shape or size and be duplicated easily. Custom designs are usually cost effective as there is no requirement of expensive tooling or molding. Call our customer service department and we will work with you on a design shape and size to fit your particular needs.

  • School Floats


  • Customer Project Before

  • Displays

  • Fun Props



Aesthetic Solutions

Whether the design is by the architect or yourself, Hendren Plastics, Inc. can make that special shape to meet your needs. Approved by most EIFS manufacturers, you can be confident this product will be the utmost quality available.

  • Columns/Collars

  • Custom Logo Design

  • Lettering