Energy Efficiency Insulation

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) has a successful record of proficient use in industrial, commercial, residential and cold storage buildings.

EPS insulation is available in a variety of thicknesses. A standard 4’ x 8’ sheet can vary in thickness from ½” up to 36”. In addition, we can taper your panels to meet your insulation needs.  Your insulation panels can be custom cut to fit your particular project.

24” x 96” perimeter size board is a popular item, also ranging in various thicknesses.

Insulation Chart

1/2"   3/4"   1" - 25 pieces per bundle
1/2"   2" - 15 pieces per bundle
2" - 10 pieces per bundle
Perimeter Board - 25 pieces per bundle






Durable Lamination

In addition to our plain board insulation we also have the capability of laminating products with a foil or a plastic film backing with a heat-activated adhesive. This process makes the product very durable.

The most common size used are the ½” to 2” x 48 x 96” sheets.

Laminated products will also raise the R-Value of the insulation.  These products provide an economical way to meet strict energy requirements which is necessary in some insulation projects.

Our material is listed with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. under “Building Materials – Foamed Plastic (BRYX)”.

We can also apply OSB board or plywood to the insulation panels with adhesives to give the foam more strength and stability. 


Types of laminated products

  • foil on one side
  • foil on both sides
  • film on both sides
  • foil on one side, film on the other