Professional Products

The Hendren family has been providing quality expanded polystyrene products at low prices for over 40 years. Whatever your company needs are, flotation, insulation, packaging, or custom fabrication, Hendren Plastics is here to serve you. We own and operate our own fleet of semi-trucks and trailers to ensure timely delivery and service within the tri-state area.

Eagle Floats

Utilizing state of the art rotational molding equipment capable of making virtually any plastic object imaginable. Our floats come in several sizes, and are perfect for any flotation need, whether large-scale or personal.


Or Expanded Polystyrene. Using state of the art equipment we have unequaled quality and consistency with packaging, insulation, packaging, architectural, EIFS and custom fabrication.


Our Company

Treating customers with honesty and integrity since 1967. We always work both harder and smarter by incorporating state of the art proprietary computer controlled equipment into our processes. 

Quality Assurance

No one tests their floats more than we test Eagle Floats. We offer in house testing, speedy lead times, competitive pricing and more importantly, the quality you can count on. 

Floats at Work


Meet our President

CEO -  Electrical Engineer -   State Senator -     Veteran -    Pilot -     Husband -       Father

Jim Hendren grew up in the foam business. His father, Kim Hendren, owned and operated two foam plants beginning in 1967. Together, in 1985, Kim and Jim started Hendren Plastics, Inc. Jim graduated in 1984 from the University of Arkansas with a degree in electrical engineering and then left Hendren Plastics to serve in the United States Air Force as an F-15 fighter pilot from 1984 to 1992. During his service, Jim flew several different airplanes but his favorite was.......Read More