We stand by our products. Our rigorous testing and commitment to innovation means we have the best floats in the business. But should you encounter an issue, you can have peace of mind knowing that Eagle Floats have a 15-year warranty.

Eagle Floats 15-Year Warranty

Hendren Plastics, Inc warrants all of its Eagle Float floatation devices to the original owner for a period of fifteen years from the date of purchase. This warranty covers cracking, peeling and ultra-violet degradation, which causes the float to loose it resiliency against, strikes from boats or other watercraft under normal conditions.

Any Eagle Floats which have been subjected to alterations, accidents, misuse, negligence or ice movement are not covered by this warranty. Any damage caused by weather storms also nullifies this warranty. All floats must be properly installed and attached in order for this warranty to be in effect. Hendren Plastics will not honor this warranty on any Eagle Float which has been used for any purpose other than normal boat dock flotation.

Hendren Plastics agrees to repair or replace any Eagle Float which has been determined to be defective due to poor workmanship or material only. This warranty does not cover any obligation for consequential or liquidated damages. It is the sole discretion of Hendren Plastics to determine whether a float should be repaired or replaced.

Any Eagle Float which is determined to be defective and shall be replaced under the above warranty shall be pro-rated as follows:

First Ten years: 100%

11th & 12th year: 60%

13th & 14th year: 30%

15th year: 15%

It is the responsibility of the float owner to have the float returned (prepaid) to Hendren Plastics Inc, Gravette, AR.

All floats covered under this warranty are F.O.B. Gravette, AR.