Maintenance of Eagle Floats

We’re so glad you’re trusting your project to Eagle Floats. Here are some tips to ensure maximum longevity and trouble-free performance for your dock floats.

Most importantly? Conduct an annual inspection of your floats. This simple inspection will diminish the likelihood for expensive repairs or replacement down the road.


Annual Inspection

Inspect all visible surfaces of floats for punctures or damage that penetrates the shell.

If you find a small cut above the waterline, seal it with silicone. If there is a large hole or penetration, contact the dock installer and have the float inspected for possible replacement or repair. Hendren Plastics can provide materials for minor repairs.

Remove plants, moss, or vegetation lodged on or around floats.

Clean floats with a non-toxic cleaner if there is dirt or build-up of dust on the float above the waterline.

Check the attachment to the dock frame. If it's loose or broken, repair or tighten it.

Report any significant changes in float performance or dock submersion to your dock builder for a more detailed inspection.