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Operations and Maintenance

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Maintenance Instructions

In order to insure maximum longevity and years of trouble free performance the following maintenance procedures are recommended for Eagle Float dock floats. Simple yearly inspections will insure Eagle Floats continue to perform and diminish likelihood for expensive repairs down the road

Yearly Inspections

- Inspect all visible surfaces of floats for punctures/cuts/ or damage that penetrates the shell. If found, seal with silicone if a small cut above the waterline. If a large hole or penetration is found, contact the dock installer and have float inspected for possible replacement or repair. Hendren Plastics can provide materials for minor repairs, if necessary.

- Remove any plants, moss, or vegetation that might have lodged itself on or around the floats.

- Clean floats with non-toxic cleaner if there is dirt or buildup of dust on float above waterline. 

- Check attachments to dock frame. If loose or broken repair/tighten. Report any significant changes in float performance or dock submersion to your dock builder for more detailed inspections.